The clay reduces cellulite

The clay reduces cellulite  We live in a time when including women are extremely busy and need to do everything fast. Women today are always on the run and have very low free time. However, women should take care of their appearance and it is sometimes necessary to break away from the bustle of every minute to allow them to have time for themselves. Cellulite is a condition that affects every woman. And considering that cellulite is more than fat deposition, each woman must make more effort to get rid of it. Collagen tissues under the skin are arranged as a honeycomb, and in areas where collagen tissue no longer sits properly, are submitted fat cells and toxins. So is born cellulite and ugly skin appearance.

Despite the speed with which things work, cellulite requires patience and a lot of research about existing cellulite treatments. We need to decide what treatment to adopt, a medication one, natural, surgical or otherwise.

In the non-invasive treatments is the wrapping fit. These are a help in reducing cellulite that can be done at home. It is not hard to do and anyone can do.

Clay is a substance that can be used for packaging. Clay is beneficial in the fight against cellulite, and helping to reduce toxins and body fat. Clay is a natural substance and can be found in some special stores. Clay contains numerous active substances and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, silicon, potassium, iron, and others and it is used for a long time. In the past, clay was used by Egyptian women to restore and maintain the skin beauty. A scientific explanation about exactly how the clay works is not specified, but women have shown that clay has miraculous effects for the skin.

The first step in this process is a peel that helps to remove dead cells and open the pores. This helps the clay to act more easily on the skin. After cleaning, move to step two – which is the application of clay paste. This paste is obtained by mixing a maximum of 2 envelopes of clay with juice from a half a lemon, maximum 2 tablespoons olive oil and 2 tablespoons of green tea.

This mixtureis applied to the body and then you should cover yourself with a foil. Over the foil is better to dress up with thicker clothes, because the heat will accelerate the action of the clay. Thenstay like this for 2 hours, during which you can do anything you want around the house or on the computer. After the 2 hours remove the clay from the body and take a shower. After showering, apply a cellulite cream to ensure desired results and to hydrate your skin.

It is recommended to combine these packing with clay with a cellulite treatment forhaving the best and the fasterresults.

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